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The Greatness of Olive, The Goodness of Honey.

The Greatness of Olive,  The Goodness of Honey

If Olive tea wasn’t enough, from the brand that makes one of the healthiest Teas, here comes another innovation – Olive Honey.

As you probably know, Olive Tea has numerous more health benefits compared to regular herbal tea. When it comes to honey, almost 50% of the global production comes from the Asia Pacific region, with China accounting for 30%, but Indian honey being more preferred over the Chinese variety. Since it holds more moisture, honey is known as a humectant. Now with over 35% of Olive pollens, it automatically becomes a superfood.

Oleaf Herbal is probably one of the few brands to have created honey from Olives. Honey Bee farming is done at Olive orchards, where nectar from olive flowers is extracted by the bees and broken down into simple sugars to be stored in honeycombs. The rest of the process is the same as regular honey, ensuring that the purest of honey reaches you.

Oleaf Olive Orchards Honey is believed to be 100% organic, is preservative free and has over 35% of Olive pollens to give you the sweet taste of health. It has a variety of health benefits, including, blood sugar regulation, probiotic, healthy skin, reducing ulcers, treating wounds, an anti-bacterial and a whole lot more. Oleaf Olive Orchards Honey is definitely worth it.

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