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Story Of Oleaf’s Olive Tea

What brewed as a dream over a decade ago has finally come to reality!

We bring you a delightful new way to enjoy the myriad of health benefits associated with olive leaves, in the form of Oleaf – Herbal Olive Tea. Olive leaves have been used as a symbol of peace for time immemorial. The multitude of health benefits associated with olives is a secret to none. From olives to olive oil and even olive leaf extracts, the Mediterranean diet get something right.

We’ve worked with local farmers to bring you the best and most nutritious olive leaf teas…

We’ve brought you the perfect teas with carefully handpicked leaves to ensure rich goodness in every cup. We’ve added flavours like lemongrass, basil and mint to give you a tantalising range to choose from. We believe in giving back to the community. 6% of the revenue we make is put back into the community towards the welfare of lady farmers. There’s no artificial colours or flavours added our olive leaf tea. The tea is suitable for vegetarians.

From Tree to Tea – how olive leaf tea is prepared

Our leaves are sourced from our plantations in Rajasthan, India. The best leaves are chosen for quality. Fine, aromatic leaves, with a glistening green appearance are handpicked by our expert farm workers. From here the leaves are washed to remove impurities, after which they are crushed and curled to make perfect grains. Following this, they are dried at optimal temperatures to retain beneficial components as well as all of the delicate flavours and aroma. They are then packed into pyramid tea bags and individually wrapped in sachets that maintain maximum freshness.